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    Everything you need to know about the #GoodID movement, and how to get involved.

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    Identity in a Digital World

    The World Economic Forum's latest insight report provides a stock-take of the current digital identity landscape and proposes 5 key elements to help ensure user-centric identity systems.

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    Principles on Identification for Sustainable Development

    A landmark publication in the identity discussion, this World Bank paper offers 10 principles to address the 1.5 billion people around the world who lack legal ID.

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    Advancing Financial Inclusion through Digital ID

    In Peru, a public–private initiative uses the country's national ID system to verify users of a cellphone money platform – allowing small traders to do business simply, securely and without cash.

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    Good ID in 2019: A Year for Action

    Last year we saw high profile data breaches, GDPR, and new controls over India's identity program. Now is the time to shape and safeguard identification systems for the better, argues CV Madhukar.

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    Point of View: Digital Identity and Privacy

    In its 2017 point of view, Omidyar Network shares its thoughts on how the organization defines digital identity, why digital identity is necessary, and its view on how digital identity can lead to empowerment.

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    Private-Sector Digital Identity in Emerging Markets

    In this research conducted by Caribou Digital and supported by Omidyar Network, Caribou Digital set out to provide an understanding of how new business models and technologies in the private sector may be used in emerging markets—by firms, states, or NGOs—to provide more inclusive identity solutions.

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    Documenting Citizenship & Other Forms of Legal Identity: A Community-Based Practitioner's Guide

    This guide from Open Society Foundations and Namati in cooperation with UNHCR provides a practical, step-by-step foundation for community-based paralegals and other practitioners who are working around the globe to combat statelessness and a lack of legal identity documentation.

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    Digital Identification: A Key to Inclusive Growth

    This new research by McKinsey Global Institute explores how digital identity, and ensuring all people have access to good digital identity and legal identity worldwide, will encourage positive inclusive economic growth.

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    Beware of Tech Companies Playing Government

    This opinion piece from Marietje Schaake, member of the European Parliament from the Netherlands, highlights the concerns of leaving the protection of citizens' rights online to tech companies instead of governments, and insists whomever is ultimately in control of digital rights must be held accountable.