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Good ID

Good ID represents an aspirational - yet fully realistic - goal to ensure all forms of identification, especially those new to the digital age, are good for people as well as business and government.

Too often, the needs, experiences, and rights of citizens are not considered when designing ID-related systems.

Good ID reflects a world where governments, companies and technologists who produce identity systems and handle personal data care about you. They care who collects your data and how much, how they secure it, what they do with it, and how you as an individual can have greater control over it and make it work for you.

At its core, Good ID empowers individuals with privacy, security, and user-control. It addresses power, exclusion, discrimination, surveillance, consent, and other key issues of our time.

Good ID is not a product nor is it an idea owned by one organization. It’s the result of collective and careful design of policies, technologies, and practices at every level of society, keeping people’s interests in mind.

#GoodID is the complementary movement and dialogue to further improve digital identity systems everywhere.

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"The notion of what constitutes Good ID will evolve. The idea of a “quality” digital identity is a nuanced one. At Omidyar Network, we have tried to advance a Good ID, which encapsulates the safeguards and the empowerment that make identity truly trustworthy and useful."

Good ID in 2019: A Year for Action – CV Madhukar, Omidyar Network

"The Platform for Good Digital Identity seeks to advance global progress towards digital identities that satisfy at least five criteria: they are fit for purpose, inclusive, useful, secure, and offers choice to individuals."

Platform for Good Digital Identity – WEF

"The potential for economic value creation could be significant as “good” digital ID increases inclusion, formalization, and transparency while promoting digitization, however risks need to be addressed."

The value of digital identity for the global economy and society – McKinsey & Company

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