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Digital ID

“Digital ID” is often used as shorthand for “digital identity” as a whole, though more specifically refers to a single thing, an artefact, physical or virtual, that is used to help define our wider digital identity – such as an electronic passport.

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“Digital IDs prove we are who we say we are — through a finger scan, digital wallet, or password — which in turn unlocks access to education, employment, financial services, communication, travel, and voting.”

Our Work: Digital Identity – Omidyar Network

“The interplay between identity, identification, and ID is amplified in the digital era. That is, the lines between who we are, where we go, what we say, and what the state knows about us have never been more blurred. That blurring demands more clarity in our terms.”

The difference between digital identity, identification, and ID – Jonathan Donner, Caribou Digital

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