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Portable and portability

Portability refers to the ability for users to obtain, control and transfer their personal data from one service or system to another.

Portability is an important feature of digital identity, because it allows users to have ultimate control over their own identification. Individuals can migrate their personal data and reuse it elsewhere without undue friction, and they can make choices about which services and systems they choose to share their data with.

For portable identity to work as it should, the process must be private, secure and trusted, so that users’ information is protected across various services and systems.

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“Portable Identity is the right and responsibility of each of us to create, control, and carry the important pieces of information that define who we are in a private, secure, and trusted manner. Other individuals, entities or authorities may validate (or “attest to”) various aspects of our identity, but portability implies that we ourselves own and manage our identity details and determine what others know about us in any given context.”

On Portable Identity - Hard Yaka

“Users of online services want active control over the information they share with those services. They want to ensure their information is protected and secure, and that it can also go with them should they choose a new or competing service. Data portability—the capability to migrate personal data you’ve shared with one service to another—is regularly suggested as a potential solution to these concerns. Thoughtfully designed portability and interoperability can strengthen user choice and control; however, if not approached in a thoughtful manner, data portability and interoperability can be in tension with users’ interest in privacy, security, and marketplace competition.”

Doing Data Portability Right - The Disruptive Competition Project (DisCo)

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