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Your Digital ID And Its Virtues

– Forbes

A look at how digital identity could change the online consumer experience for the better

The author outlines the possibilities of a digital ID that could be linked to personal data, such as banking details and educational record, and be securely shared with organizations as and when necessary.

“Once such IDs are established, I predict the potential savings will be dramatic, particularly because current digital ID technology is usually resilient against hacking and fraud.”

The author believes that with digital identity, people would be able to use their ID to their advantage and that, for a fee, people could allow businesses to market directly to them, while groups could aggregate their data to influence the design of new products.

A digital ID puts you at the center, allowing you to control your data, manage access to it and, where the possibility exists, earn from it. While Web 2.0 exploited your data, Web 3.0 gives you back control

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