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Yoti UK Charity Research Reveals a Sector Not Yet Ready for Digital Identity Solutions

– Yoti

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 15 November 2019

Researchers explore the potential of digital identity systems within the UK charity sector

In an effort to better understand the potential for integrating digital identity within the social sector, the identity platform, Yoti, recently surveyed a cross-section of UK charity organisations. In particular, the researchers wanted to understand the digital identity needs of charities, the challenges they face around identity, and the potential for use cases and opportunities.

The key findings are listed in this article, along with a link to the in-depth report. Foremost amongst these findings is the sense, within the sector, that digital identity services present multiple challenges and barriers to adoption.

Participants highlighted the potential for negative consequences for beneficiaries asked to transition to digital identity services – both in the form of security breaches and data loss, and as a result of users finding it more difficult to access charity services.

Time and cost constraints were also highlighted as a barrier. The need for staff training, systems development and changes to strategic priorities all present problems for charities looking to adopt new tech.

However, despite these barriers, participants also noted that digital identity solutions could help charities to improve interaction between staff, volunteers and beneficiaries. The idea of using identity systems to verify beneficiaries and transfer information about them to staff more quickly was identified as a useful prospect for organisations within the charity sector.

Ultimately, Yoti’s research is a useful resource for anyone keen to learn more about the potential for - and barriers to - digital identity adoption within the charity sector, offering useful insights from the frontline of sector staff.

Additional research was needed to help us better understand the issues and challenges facing UK non-profits when it comes to making sense of, and deploying, digital identity solutions in their work

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