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World Bank Official Proposes Digital Identity Steps to Drive Inclusion in West, Central Africa

– Biometric Update

How West and Central Africa can overcome the digital divide to boost economic growth

The World Bank Vice President for Western and Central Africa, Ousmane Diagana, argues that digital transformation can help African countries recover from the economic damage caused by COVID, and drive further growth by attracting investment. He explains that the digital divide, exacerbated in areas of low internet coverage and high operating costs, must be tackled.

“This he says must be checked because it adversely affects rural populations, women and vulnerable groups, thereby preventing them from accessing digital services.”

Diagana states that digital growth is not something that one country can achieve on its own, but that cross-border cooperation is paramount. Inclusive and expansive identity systems, for example, can eliminate the problem of lack of identification experienced by millions of people on the continent of Africa.

He also urges the countries to look forward to a single digital market by supporting each other in building and modernizing their digital infrastructure, policies, as well as regulatory frameworks

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