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Photo: Hélène Smertnik

Women, Work, and ID

– Caribou Digital

A summary of a report by Caribou Digital examining women’s access to ID

The report outlines the findings of its research into women and ID in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It aims to shed light on the impact of ID for women seeking work, particularly lower income women. Its findings included:

“1. ID access needs to be as easy as possible for women.

The relevance of ID for women should be made more evident to end users, policymakers, and male family and friends.

Employment and income are two key drivers for women to obtain ID and should be leveraged more as incentives.”

The article states how it emerged during the research that many women were unaware of the importance of having their own ID, rather than relying on someone else’s, and that work should be done to improve public knowledge of this.

This report highlights the ways in which ID is critical for women in finding work and therefore could be used as a driver to incentivise women to obtain and have agency over their own IDs

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