Photo: Caribou Digital / Emrys Schoemaker

“Without an ID, you don’t exist:” Gender and Identity on International Women’s Day

– Caribou Digital

To mark International Women’s Day 2018, Savita Bailur – Research Director at Caribou Digital and Visiting Fellow and External Lecturer at London School of Economics – outlined some key findings from Caribou Digital’s research about the relationship between ID and gender

Savita Bailur begins by introducing readers to a variety work conducted by Caribou Digital in the identity field, including the role private sector identification actors play in emerging economies and a four-country study with UNICEF on children’s identification credentials from 0-18.

Bailur’s blog explains how gender is a critical component throughout the studies, and highlights what has been learned so far about gender and identification – from how identity credentials can make women feel valued, to why bodily privacy impacts a woman’s decision to enroll for biometric ID.

If you don’t have identity documents... you don’t exist. And women are particularly at risk of “not existing,” starting right from birth registration

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