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Will Open APIs Break Digital ID Vendor Lock-in, Usher in New Opportunity? ID4Africa Community Debates

– Biometric Update

Panelists in this ID4Africa webinar examine the ways Open APIs can break vendor and technology lock-ins for ID programs in Africa, and the opportunities this provides

Different African governments are pushing for more interoperable identification systems from technology service providers, welcoming the vendor collaborations, and use of replaceable ID system modules, that APIs will bring.

"Decision-makers became hesitant to implement solutions for fear of being locked in... Open APIs are one of the methods of addressing this kind of problem that has gained significant traction to the point where it is referred to by some in IT as ‘the API revolution.’ "

Challenges common in countries that have begun exploring open APIs in their identity infrastructure include scaling possibilities, integration of various systems, and cybersecurity. Transparent regulations and procurement practices were also highlighted as factors needed to encourage an interoperable identity ecosystem.

Advice to African identity authorities from the three sectorial presentations is to set a strong foundation for other stakeholders, to focus on collaboration, and to move ahead as soon as possible with the vital task of identity provision

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