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Will Digital ID Replace Physical Identity Documents Within 10 Years?

– Biometric Update

A recap of a panel which discussed converting paper identity documents into digital ID

The participating experts all agreed that while digital identity will accelerate in the next 10 years, paper credentials will not become obsolete, which will be necessary as an offline backup given that a section of the population will be slow to implement new technology, as Natalie Smolenski of Hyland Credentials emphasized:

"Natalie Smolenski said that digital identity will have to be “platform agnostic” as even the digital versions will have to exist on physical items such as phones."

Blockchain was discussed as a means for overcoming the issue of lack of trust, but its potential will not be unearthed in the short term. Participants also explored the elements of people’s identity that will be captured in their digital ID, such as their gender.

‘I can imagine a world where gender is not a relevant identity category for benefiting from government services or anything else,’ countered Smolenski

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