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#WhyID: International Actors in Afghanistan Must Clean Up, Restrict Dangerous Biometric Trail

– Access Now

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 3 September 2021

Access Now and 52 other civil society organizations and individuals submit an open letter calling for biometric databases in Afghanistan to be secured, in order to prevent further harm to citizens

Biometric data has been compromised under Taliban control in Afghanistan using US military equipment. This article explores how the advancement of digital IDs have now placed millions of Afghan citizens in danger. International bodies who advocated these biometrics are now responsible for securing these systems to prevent further harm.

"These databases put targets on the backs of people who are already in grave danger, and make it extremely difficult for them to access basic services, move from place to place, or communicate with their loved ones without compromising their safety."

Access Now criticizes the centralized collection of personal data due to the dangers and abuses we are currently seeing in Afghanistan. The #WhyID campaign further advocates full risk assessments and alternatives to digital identity tools moving forward.

The situation currently playing out in Afghanistan is a painful example of just how severe the risks can be when the system doesn’t take into account the fragile context of many communities where it could be easily abused

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