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Why We Use Self-Sovereign Identity

– Vibranium ID

Eddie Kago of Vibranium ID explains how decentralized forms of identity can give control back to users

The author states that it’s common for people to carry separate IDs for various parts of their lives, such as cards or documents issued by an employer, government, or healthcare provider.

And identity verification largely hasn’t caught up with the digital world yet:

“While many mundane tasks like money transfer have been successfully digitized, it has remained a hard task for the same to happen for exchange of identity credentials either due to poorly implemented standards or technology silos that hinder interoperability.”

Kago highlights that interoperable forms of self-sovereign identity allow people to have full power over how their data is used, without it being subject to the whims of any one corporation or chained to a single app.

The decentralized identity model eventually gives power back to the owner of data leading to a future where transition from identifying in person and on-line will be seamless

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