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Why I Fear the Introduction of Covid-19 Vaccination Cards Will Lead Seamlessly to us Being Forced to Carry ‘Immunity Passports’

– RT News

Neil Clark voices alarm about the UK’s latest plans to issue vaccination cards as the COVID-19 vaccine begins rollouts across the country

Clark notes vaccine cards are nothing new, but argues the suggestion that citizens will be required to carry them on their person, either by the government or private sector pressure, is simply authoritarian.

“Covid-19, unlike the flu and all the other viruses that we’ve lived through without any real interruption to everyday life, is going to be the civil liberties game-changer. That is, of course, if we allow it.”

Clark argues that encouragement of British vaccination cards can easily lead the country down a slippery slope of being forced to take vaccines or other public health measures to participate in society.

Is it going to be a case of written vaccination cards today, digital immunity passports tomorrow? If you still think that’s far-fetched, remember: the idea of democratic nations imposing rolling national lockdowns would have seemed implausible just twelve months ago

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