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Why Estonia Was Poised to Handle How a Pandemic Would Change Everything

– The New Yorker

In this opinion piece for The New Yorker, Masha Gessen explains why this northern European nation is particularly well-suited to handle the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to its program of digitization

Gessen outlines Estonia’s digital identity, healthcare, voting and even immigration processes, suggesting the country’s digital way of life as the status quo has supported not only a smooth transition to life in quarantine, but also contributed to relatively low rates of panic about the pandemic.

"These programs, explicitly tied to Estonia’s identity as a startup nation, are exercises of the imagination, not merely in reacting to the present crisis but in shaping the future. Estonians have a sort of tradition of imaginative undertakings."

Gessen portrays Estonia as a nation of forward-looking pragmatists who envisioned democracy after Soviet control and who are encouraged they will emerge from these times with a thriving digital economy.

In other words, the prospect of having to work, study, and shop online may not require the sort of readjustment in Estonia as many people face elsewhere

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