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Why Democrats are Rallying Around Creating a New FTC Privacy Bureau to Police Big Tech

– The Washington Post

Democrats advance a proposal for a new privacy bureau to police data abuses

This article outlines the proposal that has begun to answer a key question for lawmakers - who should police data abuses by large tech companies - now that the US Democrats have put forward the creation of a new privacy bureau in the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with $1 million funding.

“The idea has been sternly rebuffed by Republican leaders, who are wary of government overreach and creating new federal bureaucracies.”

The FTC has previously lacked the will and resources to combat such large tech companies. Although this may not solve the problem, Democrats view it as a step in the right direction - as privacy advocate Caitrion Fitzgerald states:

[It would send] a really clear signal from Congress that they want the FTC to be more active on privacy

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