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Why Data Privacy Will Be the Catalyst For Digital Identity Adoption

– Help Net Security

This article explains how digital identities can hugely benefit our privacy, and why user trust is key to their successful implementation

The author outlines how people are increasingly afraid of their privacy being violated - which is why digital identity schemes have been so slow to develop - but this fear is actually misplaced.

“ identities could actually be a way of withholding unnecessary data and protecting ourselves from fraud, not opening ourselves up to it.”

Digital IDs could greatly enhance our privacy by allowing us only share necessary information about ourselves, and would require our consent to do so. But people’s concerns about letting governments or corporations handle their sensitive data - especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal - mean that building trust between users and the issuer of ID schemes is a necessary first step.

The issue here isn’t the mechanics, or whether or not digital IDs are the right move – it’s simply about ensuring there is enough trust in those who hold the data. In this case, regulation will likely be the answer or allow individuals to hold their own data on their own device like they do a physical document

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