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What’s Your Perspective On Digital Identity?

– Caribou Digital

Caribou Digital’s Senior Director for Research reflects on the #GoodID dialogue to date following a workshop at Harvard Kennedy School

Jonathan Donner, Senior Director for Research at Caribou Digital, looks back at conversations about #GoodIDat the Shorenstein Center at Harvard Kennedy School earlier this year.

The workshop was convened by Omidyar Network and brought together a diverse group of experts and stakeholders to make progress on the very complex issues of identity in the digital age.

Donner accepts the conversation in 2019 is necessarily broad and multidisciplinary. He therefore sets out various starting points on sliding scales to help anyone approaching the topic to understand where they might enter the discussions.

Equally, he notes the important distinction between Good ID as a set of important outcomes and #GoodID as the conversation that help the community get there.

Once you see the sliders at play in the conversation about Good ID, it’s easier to step back from your own position, to listen for what assumptions about digital identity other people might be bringing into the conversation. Where have they set their sliders? Do you know? Do they match yours?

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