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What’s Driving Identity Access Management in 2020?

– Security Magazine

A look at the future of cybersecurity and the new tools that may increase its capabilities in 2020

The author writes that security breaches in 2019 have left many dissatisfied with current cybersecurity technologies but that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can now be used to ensure digital identity is well safeguarded.

“In 2020, we will see more and more security analysts receptive to a paradigm shift that is way past due when it comes to authentication. This includes removing the idea that authentication is a single event with a start and an end, or a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ process.”

When AI is partnered with machine learning, the advanced technology is able to fix its own shortcomings and adapt to new situations, allowing for a flexible approach to digital identity that is much more secure.

As with many technologies, this scientific progress has a potential for abuse. With the new year upon us, it is a possibility that the same methods intended for protection can be used to exploit the vulnerabilities of traditional systems. This is why it is extremely crucial to maintain security tactics at the highest possible technological level

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