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What To Do About Deepfakes

– Communications of the ACM

Combating the negative effects of deepfakes and other synthetic media

The accelerated increase of deepfakes and other synthetic media, and their associated negative consequences - such as political misinformation and financial fraud - has challenged the integrity of videos and visual experiences circulated within society. This article discusses the responsibilities of various stakeholders in preventing and mitigating the harms caused by deepfakes.

"It will take the efforts of many different stakeholders including platforms, journalists, and policymakers to counteract the negative effects of deepfakes."

The article also discusses how they can be developed for use in education and entertainment, using verification methods for these media.

There is no doubt that synthetic media can be used for beneficial purposes, such as in entertainment, historical reenactment, education, and training. The pressing challenge is to reap the positive uses of synthetic media while preventing or at least minimizing the harms

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