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What Online Age Verification Tells us About the State of Digital Identity

– GlobaliD

  • Viewpoint
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 12 June 2020

The GlobaliD team highlight the issues with taking traditional age verification through identification, like passports, ID cards or credit cards, into the digital era

GlobaliD note that this flawed system can be counterfeited or faked, both in person and online, and offers little to no control for users.

“The amount of private information we end up sharing is overkill in the context of the verification required for the vast majority of transactions. More often than not, we’re handing over that data to a complete stranger. Once it’s out there, we’ve pretty much given up all control.”

GlobaliD suggest that society needs to explore smaller issues like age verification that lead to bigger problems like digital identity access, usability, trust, and accessibility.

What our existing age verification processes show — both physically and digitally — is that we’re woefully short of those straightforward and common sense ideals. Moreover, the current systems in place won’t get us where we need to and want to go

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