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What is Digital Identity?

– CxOTalk

A conversation with digital identity expert Eric Haller, Executive Vice President and Global Head of DataLabs

In this video and accompanying transcript, CxOTALK's Michael Krigsman talks with Eric Haller about the use and development of digital identity within the world today.

"(Our) digital footprint is growing and expanding into a lot of pieces of information that most of us aren't familiar with or think about. That data becomes the gateway to how we access goods and services in a digital environment."

Topics covered include: defining, establishing, and improving one's digital identity; protections against AI deep fakes; intersections of digital ID and GPT-3; blockchains; mitigating social implications; and advice for businesses and policy makers.

Being able to properly define what is okay and not okay. Where is the line from entertainment and education to, we'll call it, taking somebody's identity in an unwarranted or unlawful fashion? Then what are the penalties for that?

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