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What Does ‘Good’ Digital Identification Look Like?

– Caribou Digital

  • Viewpoint
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • Via Emrys Schoemaker (Caribou Digital)
  • 18 June 2021

The Stockholm Internet Forum 2021 panel discuss what a good ID should look like

A select group of experts from government, aid agencies, academia, and civil society join together in this panel to discuss what they perceive to be a good digital identity, with competing visions of what that might entail.

"Different organizations and people develop digital identification systems to achieve different goals, which leads to different ideas about what a good digital identity system looks like, with many of these ideas in tension with each other."

Topics under contention range from inclusion and exclusion within identification systems, the tensions between legal and stand-alone digital identity schemes, biometric data, and privacy.

There was a strong emphasis on trust, and a recognition that context is key to defining both trust and what constitutes ‘Good’ digital ID. It is a conversation that will continue so long as there are competing visions about the social contract between the identifier and identified

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