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What is Digital Equality? An Interview with Nanjira Sambuli

– World Economic Forum

In an interview with the World Economic Forum, Nanjira Sambuli – researcher, writer, policy analyst, and digital equality advocate at the World Wide Web Foundation – discusses technology, digital equality, and civil society

In this interview, Nanjira Sambuli – who leads the Web Foundation’s policy advocacy efforts to promote digital equality around web use – explains what digital equality looks like in practice, why inequality exists and what we need to do to ensure we “leave no one behind.”

Sambuli discusses the important role civil society has played in highlighting the risks that emerging technologies pose and the vital need for governance.

She goes on to describe what needs to happen next to ensure inclusive outcomes around the emerging technology sector, again upholding the central role of civil society, saying: “To proactively engage civil society calls for humility from the other sectors, to accept that it may entail slowing down the pace at which we roll out emerging technologies to accommodate reflection and testing of all hypotheses at every stage.”

It’s about equality in the digital age – which remains a mirage for many. So it’s about dissecting the analog and the digital aspects of political, social, cultural, economic dimensions in society today, and ultimately striving to ensure that we do not widen inequalities through digital technologies

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