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What Could Digital Vaccine Passports Mean for the Future of Digital Identity

– Think Digital Partners

How vaccine passports for travel can protect people’s privacy

Digital vaccine passes that allow people to prove their vaccination status or Covid test results, could reignite world travel - but their potential for data abuse has stirred up privacy concerns. Here the author outlines the EU’s plans, and how these digital certificates can be designed to ensure they don’t infringe people’s rights.

“Above all, the creators of vaccine passes must earn the trust of users by being transparent about how the credential works, what it contains, and who may rely upon it. Vaccine passes should be voluntary, under the control of the user, and feature strong protections for personal data and privacy.”

The EU’s Covid-19 certificate scheme is currently in development, and would allow people to store their data on their own device or even on paper. It will contain a QR code to highlight the necessary information to authorities and include an electronic signature that verifies the data.

However, before those possibilities can be realized the digital identities that hold them up have to be carefully considered and weighed. The return of international travel depends on it

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