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What Blockchain Could Mean for Your Health Data

Explaining how self-sovereign identity could improve public health

The authors state that rather than belonging to them, people’s digital identity is owned by corporations and organizations. They argue that putting people in possession of their data, and in particular health data, could have great benefits for their lives as well as tackling coronavirus.

“By owning our medical and other personal data, we could solve the five problems stated above: access, security, privacy, monetization, and advocacy. The key is to take advantage of existing technologies to manage our data according to our own terms of use.”

The article states that blockchain could be harnessed to encrypt people’s data and share it only with their consent. This digital wallet of people’s data would be completely secure and user-controlled, and could be used to track the spread of COVID-19.

Each of us needs a self-sovereign and inalienable digital identity that is neither bestowed nor revocable by any central administrator and is enforceable in any context, in person and online, anywhere in the world

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