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Welcome to the #GoodID site!

  • Explainer
  • 29 January 2019

What to expect from this website and the movement for Good ID

#GoodID is a movement supported by an online dialogue that welcomes new perspectives on digital identity from around the world and across different areas of expertise.

Our aim is to broaden the conversation on what makes identity systems better for all, and to bring in a wide spectrum of voices, from business and government to end users and public activists.

What do we need to achieve Good ID?

Whether you work in policy, government or on the frontline delivering services like health, education, immigration or security, we want to hear from you.

What to expect

In the weeks ahead, we will curate a range of must-read articles and reports.

You can explore these articles and also read original writing from industry leaders.

In due course, you will also find useful resources, explainers, case studies and viewpoints looking at progressive practice around the world.

We will release a podcast series in the spring to explore barriers and routes to Good ID in depth with leading figures.

We will expand the ways everyone can engage on Good ID, including live online panel discussions.

Getting started

There are three key ways you can join and help shape the dialogue:

– Help us define Good ID: contact us with additions and suggestions to build out a collaborative glossary

– Submit an article: pitch your perspective or expertise on what makes Good ID

– Join the conversation on Twitter: look out for live discussions, latest news and views

If you want to keep up to date with these developments, please contact us to express your interest in our forthcoming newsletter.