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Verified: The UK’s Digital Identity Dilemmas

– Policy Exchange

A review of the entire UK's digital identity ecosystem and its importance to a digital-first, modern-day life

Barnard explores definitions, types of identity, and identity technologies before reviewing digital identity’s role in the private and public sectors in the UK.

“This report… argues that the Government needs to develop better systems to allow people to create and use ‘digital identities’ to prove their identity online, which could prevent billions of pounds of fraud a year.”

Barnard argues that the UK’s lack of a centrally managed, biometric identity card - which could be a basis for digital identity in banking, public services, goods and services transactions, or healthcare - is severely hindering the country’s digital identity progress.

At present, proving one’s identity online can be cumbersome and difficult in the UK, so citizens often end up sending sensitive documents, such as passports and driving licenses, by post

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