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Using Decentralized Digital IDs and Blockchain to Help Millions in Africa Get Identified


How the introduction of Flexfintx’s digital ID could enable millions of Africans to easily verify their identity

This article explores the impact of Flex ID in Africa - the digital ID introduced for citizens lacking government-issued identity documents which prevents them from being able to vote, travel, or access financial services.

"In 2018 upon my return to Zimbabwe, I was trying to open a bank account with a local bank and I was surprised that I couldn’t easily provide them with proof of residence, a piece of documentation necessary to open an account that most people don’t have and which is hard to prove."

The interview between Bitcoin News and Victor Mapunga, the founder of Flex ID, discusses the blockchain technology behind the system. These digital credentials are decentralized and instantaneous, reducing the loss of identification and privacy breaches.

Analogous to a real wallet, it contains credentials like driver’s licences, national IDs, land certificates, etc

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