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Using Biometrics to Increase the Safety and Efficiency of Airport Processes

– International Airport Review

Brazil’s introduction of airport biometrics has a range of benefits

This article explores the benefits of introducing biometric systems in airports. Brazilian government initiative, The Safer Boarding Project, aims to introduce biometrics for identity verification, passport control, boarding, and accessing the lounge. Currently, these processes require the review of several physical documents where human related errors may occur.

“The airline employees are responsible for checking passenger identity but, as much as they have been well trained, they are not an authority capable of properly identifying document fraud.”

While improving safety and efficiency, it can also benefit the airlines themselves, who have suffered greatly during the pandemic. The enhancement of traveler experience can decrease unnecessary costs and increase future revenue. The project is adherent to the National Law of Protection of Personal Data to ensure privacy.

The LGPD establishes that the processing of personal data is legal if carried out by government for the exclusive purposes of public security, national defence, state security or investigative activities and prosecution of criminal offences

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