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US Digital ID Regulation Coming as Feds Seek Info on Mobile Driver’s License Standards

– Biometric Update

The US is examining what the minimum technical and security requirements are for mobile driver’s licenses

The Department of Homeland Security has submitted a request for information on mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) to the Federal Register, with a view to begin regulating them under the REAL ID Act. Some states are already trialling the technology.

“Darby LaJoye, senior official performing the duties of the TSA administrator, noted in a comment quoted by Homeland Security Today that the agency is interested in incorporating mDLs into its digital ID verification processes.”

Mobile driver’s licenses rely on official ID documentation and can be stored on any digital device. They are likely to incorporate QR codes and utilize public key infrastructure.

DHS and TSA have many other questions, including general ones about security and privacy, what performance-based standards should be used, costs to individuals and obstacles to acceptance

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