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Unshackling Expression: The Philippines Report

– Cyrilla

A report looking at how online freedom of expression in the Philippines is being curtailed

According to the report, people in the Philippines spend more time on social media than any other country, and their freedom of expression is continuously attacked due to the country’s authoritarian government clamping down on digital dissent.

“Law personnel in the Philippines are interpreting existing laws and policies quite liberally to twist these into their agenda to stifle free speech.”

The report examines the current information and communication technology (ICT) laws in the country, and how they are problematically used to violate citizens’ human rights.

As social media presence and use in the Philippines continues to grow, it is our hope that this growth is seen as an opportunity to speak up against these restrictions and to widen the space for citizens to express dissent, dissatisfaction and a louder call for state accountability and better governance

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