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UN Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation

– United Nations

An outline of the shortcomings of the current digital landscape, and how it can be improved

The report states that around the world, digital technologies can provide new scope for economic and social development. But they can also be used as a tool with which to suppress or violate human rights.

“Digital technology does not exist in a vacuum – it has enormous potential for positive change, but can also reinforce and magnify existing fault lines and worsen economic and other inequalities.”

The report outlines critical areas of the digital sphere, such as data protection, digital identity, and artificial intelligence, and provides the next steps for an inclusive and efficient digital infrastructure. It states that globally agreed standards must be in place, while the private sector, technical experts, and society in general must work together to build a web that works for everyone. 

Coming together will allow the international community to ensure that technology is harnessed for good, seek the opportunity to manage its impact and ensure that it presents a level playing field for all

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