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UK Government Turns to Tim Berners-Lee Startup for Digital Identity Plan

– ComputerWeekly

A new tool could help resolve people’s concerns about how their information is used

A tool is called Solid, developed by a Tim Berners-Lee startup, will be used by the UK government in its mission to put citizens in control of their personal information when logging into digital services.

"Scott Watson, technical director at Salford Royal Hospital, said at the time that Solid was a way of ‘storing all your data in one place, that is associated with you as an individual, and then all the different services that you interact with come to you – so you tell your story only once."

The technology will allow users to manage who can access their personal data and when, and the UK government is examining whether implementing Solid will help to quell users’ concerns over data privacy and misuse.

One Login, which will replace the troubled Gov.uk Verify digital identity system, may yet face controversy over its approach to personal data because it will allow the creation of a central record of its users’ identity verification data combined with information about their activity across the Gov.uk estate

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