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Twenty-Nine Years Without an Identity

– Namati

The legal advocay group Namati tells the story of Mahmoud, a father of four who was denied his right to ID for 29 years due to discrimination within the Kenyan Government system

In this short case study, global paralegal network and campaigners Namati tell the story of a Kenyan man who was forced to live without an identity for 29 years.

The study explains how Mahmoud, a member of Kenya’s predominantly Muslim Nubian community, faced hurdle after hurdle within Kenyan Government systems due to entrenched discrimination against Muslims and Nubian ethnicity. Despite the Government immediately tracing his ID, using his fingerprints and memorized ID number, Mahmoud had to work his way through a complicated administration system and go to extensive lengths to prove his identity.

Mahmoud’s story showcases the abuses that ID systems are open to, and the devastating impact this can have on citizens and their dependents.

Namati is building a global network of grassroots community paralegals who work with communities to advance justice, share learnings and advocate for systemic change.

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Without an ID card in Kenya, you cannot vote. You cannot open a bank account or get a loan. You cannot gain admission to school or get a job

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