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Trust Me! I’m A Doctor On LinkedIn

– Forbes

Why credentials are more important than identity

The author argues that knowing someone’s ability or experience is, in some cases, more significant than who they are, and gives the example of an online forum in which verified frontline doctors can share knowledge, which could be enabled through secure credential sharing.

“The information sharing platform needs to know that the person answering a question has relevant qualifications and experience. Who that person is is not important.”

In the real world, this is an extremely difficult feat to achieve - for example, when showing ID at a bar to prove our age, we also have to disclose our identity - but there is technology that could enable this in an online space.

This is another example of how what I call “counterintuitive cryptography”: a technology that can deliver some amazing solutions to serious real-world problems, solutions that simply do not exist in a world of ID cards and databases

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