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The UK Government Should Drop Plans for Compulsory ID Presentation at the Polling Station

– Privacy International

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 15 July 2021

New legislation from the UK government, requiring issued ID to vote, is criticized for being discriminatory and exclusive

Despite voter fraud being exceedingly rare in UK elections, the government is keen to introduce new legislation in combating it. Privacy International asks why an issued form of ID would be required for voters when it puts the democratic process at risk of becoming exclusionary and discriminatory.

"In fact, ID requirements like these are unfair, discriminatory and have an impact not only on the electoral process, but also the fundamentals of a democratic society."

It is argued that doing this would disenfranchize those without formal forms of ID, such as lower income individuals in the name of solving an increasingly small issue within the electoral process. The article also points to other nations that have introduced similar legislation, such as the US, where the benefits can be seen not to outweigh risks imposed upon democratic freedoms.

Democracy is about more than just elections, and in other aspects of democracy ID can have a devastating effect. The necessity of having ID extends to other aspects of people's lives - as ID is required for more and more things, so the potential damage grows

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