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The Turing Harnesses Global Expertise With International Advisory Board

– The Alan Turing Institute

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 14 December 2020

This article from the Alan Turing Institute announces its advisory board, which will look to ensure digital identity schemes protect human rights

The board members will bring expertise in developing identity systems, with their experience including involvement with the World Bank, India’s Aadhaar system, ID4Africa, and the EU’s eID regulations.

"The Turing project is committed to collating a multi-disciplined effort to enrich understanding of evolving threats and risks to identity systems, including the complex interplay of socio-economic and technical considerations within developing countries."

The Board will assist the Institute on its four year research project, looking at how the privacy and security of national digital identity systems can be maximised through technology and best practice.

The ambition is to produce a definitive set of tested and accessible tools, best practice guidance, and design references based on six key criteria for assessing the impact on trust in national identity programmes:  security, privacy, ethics, resilience, robustness, and reliability

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