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The Time is Ripe for Digital Passports in Healthcare

– Biometric Update

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • Via Dan Cidon (Next Gate)
  • 4 June 2021

How health passports can revolutionize healthcare

During the pandemic, virtual experiences have been necessary to replace those in-person. This article argues that, for the sake of efficiency, this should be a long-term shift, and that digital health passports can verify patients’ identities without the risk of repeating or losing patient data, that can happen with analog systems.

“If we could collect clean, accurate, verified information into a single packet – and share that packet across disparate systems in a standardized manner – healthcare providers could enable an entirely new generation of safe, impactful services.”

The passport could also be used to highlight patients’ vaccine statuses, allowing them to access in-person healthcare without the risk of transmission of Covid. The author argues that this can be achieved through blockchain, so that people’s data is permanently safeguarded and cannot be tampered with.

In addition, coupling a decentralized identifier with detailed consent policies allows patients to share or restrict access to specific data when necessary, keeping individuals in charge of who sees what data at what time

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