The Human Impact of ID and Financial Exclusion: Va Bene’s Story

– Caribou Digital

  • Case study
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 24 September 2021

The difficulties accessing financial services as a trans woman in Ghana

In this video, Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi - a trans woman in Ghana - explains her experience with financial discrimination, including being regularly denied access to financial services despite having multiple forms of ID.

“Anytime I have to do banking directly in the banking hall, I am always being discriminated against. Even to just change my ATM card when it expired, it took me almost four months to get it done because they wouldn’t. I went to several other branches and my name had been blacklisted.”

She explains that online services can be a safe space for trans people to access financial services, but reminds us that the binary set up of banks and ID can be inherently exclusionary.

To feel included is to strip the bank immediately from binary data collection

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