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The Government Wants to Expand the ‘Digital Identity’ System That Lets Australia's Access Services. There Are Many Potential Pitfalls

– The Conversation

Australia’s proposal to expand digital identity has raised concerns

Australia’s government has proposed the creation of a trusted digital identity framework. This will be an expansion of their current digital identity system, myGovID, and will enable citizens to verify their identity for non-government services, as well as current government services. Businesses will be able to join the trusted digital identity framework to benefit from the efficient verification system.

“Presumably, this could lead to an expansion of acceptance of the digital ID system so it can be used more widely than just to access government services.”

This article explores concerns with the proposal. Linking digital identities for government and leisure services is widely condemned as it increases the risks of profiling, targeted advertising, and analytics. Digital rights activists are concerned by the wide collection and storage of personal data as the intentions of the proposal are not yet transparent, the centralized structure heightens risks of cyber attacks and it is unclear how businesses will be authenticated.

Australians can’t simply disengage from digitization. But rather than blithely hand over our data, we should think carefully and collectively about the long-term effects of creating national, centralized databases of sensitive personal information

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