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The Future of Trust and Scaling Digital Identity

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  • Viewpoint
  • 5 January 2021

How decentralized identity could solve current issues with the digital economy

The article says that covid has escalated the use of digital identity, but Big Tech still has a huge amount of power over us while our online identities are fragmented between providers. The future of technology should be interoperable and privacy-protecting, which could be enabled through self-sovereign identity (SSI).

“Digital Identity is the key to both worlds — enabling innovation to flourish with improved data access, while protecting and sharing our privacy to only the trusted few.”

The author predicts that e-wallets will streamline identity and payment technology, allowing us to integrate our online and offline selves and perform almost any action using a smartphone.

As secure digital identity solutions become the new gateway to our wealth of data, we, the consumers, and ultimately to whom the identities belong, should remain at the center stage

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