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The Future of Data Protection: What we Expect in 2021

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Exploring different expectations for data protection in 2021

In this article, Massé gives a background on privacy lapses and cases of data abuse in 2020. The author also makes a case for more stringent data protection regulations in 2021.

"Privacy is a cornerstone of human rights in the digital age. When we fail to protect data, it hurts everyone — including when our personal information is used to target disinformation campaigns that damage our democracies."

The article further explores five significant areas where data protection will be addressed in 2021, relating it to countries' responses to COVID-19, actions expected from different governments, and the sensitive role of regulators and policymakers.

As vaccines are distributed worldwide, governments are considering asking people to use a digital document to prove “immunity” to COVID-19. The concept of the immunity passport was originally to identify who had already been infected and would therefore have some measure of immunity

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