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The Fundamentals of Tech Transformation: Identity in a Digital Age

– Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Recommendations on how digital identity can be implemented to aid sustainable development

This article makes the case for digital identity in order to boost the economies of developing countries and help manage future crises, such as the Covid pandemic. It lists the five areas governments that are implementing identity systems need to take into account, to ensure the schemes are inclusive and non-discriminatory, as well as prevent mission creep.

“Of course, digital IDs can amplify privacy concerns and protection risks, whether in the form of government surveillance, commercial misuse of data or breaches. So, systems must be designed in a way that safeguards users, promotes trust and maximises their value to the people who use them.”

These recommendations include implementing global trust frameworks to ensure interoperability, work with marginalised communities in the design process, and putting privacy at the heart of the system.

At the heart of efforts to extend digital ID to all citizens, however, we need to see user-centred design, strong governance frameworks based on emerging principles, and regional and global cooperation that takes the best from existing systems and promotes international interoperability

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