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The Digital Transformation Strategy Africa Needs

– Project Syndicate

Principles to guide the inclusive digitization policies of African countries

Digitization strategies in many African countries focus heavily on the digital sector, excluding laymen and traditional business models. The policies required to create jobs - at a rate in order to meet the African Union's Agenda 2063 - need to be more inclusive and impact workforces from different technological backgrounds.

"Triggering large-scale job creation in Africa therefore requires policies that bring digital solutions to the non-digital economy."

A joint report by the African Union Commission and the OECD Development Center proposes four principles that guide more inclusive digitization strategies in Africa. The principles highlight the dissemination of digital innovation to everyone, the preparation of Africa's workforce to embrace digital transformation, the boosting of the Africa start-up ecosystem to embrace digital tools, and the coordination of policymakers with regional and continental counterparts.

Digitalization is well underway in Africa, but scaling up its benefits requires bold and coordinated public policies

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