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The Devilish Details of Digital Health Passes in an Atmosphere of Urgency and Uncertainty

– Biometric Update

The potential hurdles with the wide implementation of digital health passes

This article explores tech company executives' views on digital heath passes, as the presence of Covid-19 in society becomes more accepted, and vaccination status becomes vital in easing restrictions.

"Even months ago, Aware CTO Mohamed Lazzouni identified interoperability, oversight and data minimization as regulatory priorities for whatever kind of vaccination credentials or digital health passes we end up with."

The key criteria for health status sharing is how it can be usable, trustworthy, and privacy preserving, with regulation needed to cover interoperability, oversight, and data minimization.

Convincing people that their privacy is protected has long been one of digital identity’s major hurdles, and making health passes or credentials widely adoptable will require standardization, even in cases where interoperability does not

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