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The Dangerous Half-Truth of “We’ll Be Correlated Anyway”

– Evernym

An explanation of why Evernym uses a system with non-correlating credentials, and the potential risks that can come with correlation

The author illustrates how, having correlated data, means that information will be entirely public to anyone - stripping people of the means to be private when they would like to be.

“Non-correlating credentials help a holder to prove control over a credential in a way that reveals neither a public identifier nor a signature; contexts are harder to stitch together.”

Hardman states that despite proponents of correlation arguing that it is inevitable, with the right approach it is actually possible for users to have control over when, and how, their information is correlated.

We won’t avoid correlation in contexts where strong identification is a legitimate requirement, and we probably won’t avoid some impositions of a surveillance economy. However, it’s misguided and dangerous to conclude from this that managing correlation is a waste of effort

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