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The Case for Good ID – A Messaging Toolkit

  • Toolkit
  • By FleishmanHillard , Omidyar Network and Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 23 October 2019

A guide to communicating the nature, purpose and value of Good ID to governments and businesses

How do we speak about Good ID in a way that communicates its nature, purpose and value most effectively for governments and businesses? This guide from FleishmanHillard addresses that very question.

With support from Omidyar Network, FleishmanHillard carried out an in-depth review of Good ID messaging based on direct audience research and the engagement of nearly 40 privacy and security champions from this community. The resulting messaging framework outlines best practice for communicating about the Good ID approach with stakeholders in both the private and public sectors.*

Between August and September 2019, a series of key messages were tested on over 70 government and business representatives to assess how well different approaches resonated with these stakeholders.** Based on this data, Fleishman Hillard produced a series of best practice messages that explain what’s at stake and define Good ID in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

The authors also consider the ways in which key messaging around Good ID should vary based on whether the audience is public or private sector. For public sector audiences, economic growth and inclusion, data security, and the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and innovation were particularly resonant. Meanwhile, private sector stakeholders were incentivized by the ways in which Good ID could help improve performance and support data security.

This community-driven resource complements a new social toolkit which is designed to help partners and advocates communicate the importance of Good ID online.

The social toolkit offers partners ready-made graphics like the above to share.

Ultimately, this advocacy messaging toolkit is a valuable resource that will help advocates to articulate the nature of Good ID, its significance for different stakeholders, and its fundamental importance in the modern world.

* The unedited messages that we were tested among government and business representatives are available here (Appendix A).

** Detailed results of this message testing are available here (Appendix B).