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States Struggle to Adapt Their Identity Management Under COVID-19 Conditions


The key talking points from the recent Federal Identity Virtual Collaboration event

The discussion focused on the impact of the pandemic on identity and what trends we are likely to encounter in the near future, with Tracy Hulver of Idemia stating how COVID-19 has laid bare the necessity of digital identity, as in-person meetings have become impossible.

“There are about 227 million driver’s licenses out there right now, and those are mostly physical cards,” Hulver observed. “It’s a natural extension to think that if this is our de facto identity that we use as citizens, how can the states leverage those or digitize that identity.”

An important use of digital ID would be distributing unemployment benefits while minimizing the risk of fraud. But the potential for exclusion of marginalized groups, and the need for portability, are issues that need to be fully addressed.

Dakota Gruener, executive director, ID2020, added:

Never forget that ID at its core is about people. Being able to prove your identity is a prerequisite to a life of dignity and opportunity

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