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SSI? What We Really Need is Full Data Portability

– Women In Identity

This article argues that the hype around self-sovereign identity is overshadowing the innovative potential of data portability

The authors state that data portability would give users the means to share their data securely and easily with doctors, employers, or with other digitized services, and argue for trust frameworks as a legal solution:

“Trust frameworks can and should have teeth, placing appropriate legal obligations on entities to adhere to particular standards or rules, with repercussions for breach and actual mechanisms for enforcement.”

Trust frameworks would ultimately ensure protections for users within the law that self-sovereign forms of identity, while technically sufficient, do not have.

We hope that this discussion will serve as a reminder to look up from debates on terminology and refocus on the outcome we all actually want— meaningful and universal data portability facilitated by technology but also, critically, backed by law. Without state-of-the-art legal architecture, SSI is just a techno-utopian pipedream

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